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Abridged List of Publications Containing Information About J. E. Costigan and His Work

(arranged most recent first; * Asterisks denote publications that contain reproductions of the artist’s work)



*Langer, "Mother & Child in Art"; Crescent, 1992

*Zellman, "300 Years of American Art"; Wellfleet, 1987

*Kraeft, "Great American Prints 1900-1950"; Dover, 1984

*Whitney, "Complete Guide to Watercolor Painting"; Watson-Guptill, 1974

*Blake, "Creative Color..."; Watson-Guptill, 1974

*Kent, "100 Watercolor Techniques"; Watson-Guptill, 1970

*Kent, "Drawings by American Artists"; Bonanza, 1968

*Hooton & Kaiden, "Mother & Child in American Art"; Duell, Sloan & Pearse, c. 1965

*Watson, "Twenty Painters & How They Work"; Watson-Guptill, 1950

Guptill, "Pencil Drawing Step by Step"; Reinhold, 1949

*Pagano, "Contemporary American Painting - The Encyclopedia Britannica Collection"; Duell, Sloan, & Pierce, 1945

Watson & Kent, "Watercolor Demonstrated"; Watson-Guptill, 1945

*Craven (ed), "A Treasury of American Prints"; Simon & Schuster, 1939

Norodny, "American Artists"; Roerich, 1929 (chapter on Costigan)


*Manoguerra, "American Works from the Paine Art Center"; American Art Review, October 1998

*Katlin, "The Salmagundi Club";American Art Review, October 1997

*"American Artist Salutes John E. Costigan"; American Artist, November 1968

*Fabri, "Costigan Wins Medal of Merit"; Today’s Art, August 1968

*Joslyn, "Costigan Exhibit Refreshing"; Milwaukee Sentinel, June 1, 1968

*Key, "John Costigan’s Art Has Radiant Revival"; Milwaukee Journal, June, 1968

*Whitaker, "Watercolor: The American Medium"; American Artist, June 1962

*"John Costigan Paints Watercolors From His Drawings"; American Artist, April 1957

*Watson, "John Costigan, The Millet of American Painting"; American Artist, October, 1949

*Mechlin, "Corcoran Exhibits Watercolors by John Costigan"; Washington (DC) Sunday Star, Nov. 30, 1941

*"Life in the U.S.:Painting"; Scribner’s Magazine, December 1938

*"John E. Costigan’s Drawings"; Art Instruction, May 1938

*"American Painters Series" (1st installment) (full-page reproduction of watercolor, "Fall Plowing"); Scribner's Magazine, March, 1937

Graeme, "Costigan Prints Shown at Smithsonian Building";The Washington Post, February 14, 1937

*"Costigan Now a Master Watercolorist"; Art Digest, November 15, 1936

*"Costigan Finds Variety in His New Prints"; Art Digest, Novermber 15, 1934

Burrows, "The Pastorals of J. E. Costigan"; N.Y. Herald-Tribune, November 11, 1934

Jewell, "Striking Work by Costigan"; N.Y. Times, November 16, 1931

"Color Shimmers in Scenes Artist Paints"; N.Y. World, February 24, 1929

*"J. E. Costigan Has Exhibit at Institute"; Chicago Tribune, May 27, 1927

*Ennis, "John Costigan"; American Art Student & Commercial Artist, October 31, 1925

*Flint, "Costigan, American Pastoralist"; International Studio, March, 1925

Cahill, "John Costigan Carries the Flame"; Shadowland magazine, September 1922



"The Graphic Works of John Edward Costigan" (53-page, profusely illustrated exhibition catalog published by the Swope Art Museum, Terre Haute, IN, 2000) contact swope@thnet.com for availability.

*Preato & Langer, "Impressionism & Post-impressionism" (104-page hardbound exhibition catalog published by Grand Central Galleries, N.Y., 1988)

*"Artists by Themselves"; National Academy of Design, 1983 (175-page catalog of nationally toured exhibition, 1983-85)

"American Prints in the Library of Congress"; Johns Hopkins Press, c.1970

*Reese, "American Prize Prints of the 20th Century"; American Artists Group, 1949

*"Catalog of Encyclopedia Britannica Collection of Contemporary American Art" (1st ed.); Encyclopedia Britannica, 1945

A DVD featuring the video documentary: "Detour to Barbizon," a 29-minute biographical video on John Costigan, professionally produced in 1992, and several additional video featurettes about the artist is currently in the works. For information on availability, contact us at info@costigan.net


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