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"Autumn Stream" - by Tatyana Kuznetsova

email: kuztat@hotmail.com

website: http://www.kuta.bravepages.com

Software used: I used Bryce5. No postwork. All textures were created by me.
Plants = 3d Plant model library CD v2.
Leaves = 3dcommune free stuff, created by Deanna. Thank you!
Key and Watch = To my regret I donít remember where I found these models.
Wagon Wheel Broke = baument.com
Butterfly = toucan.co.jp
Ant = 3dcafe.com

About this image:
Time is an infinite stream. Our entire life is a stream.
Stream is constantly changing, changing all around.
Nobody knows to better or to worse. 
These words appeared in my mind when I created this work.

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