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Privacy Statement for 3dplants.com


This website uses Hitbox stat counters to log general site visitor statistics for analyzing site traffic, referring domains, most popular pages within the site, etc... No personal information about site visitors is logged, collected, or shared with any third parties, and no cookies are used by 3dplants.com.

This site contains banner advertisements which are provided by individual third party advertisers or affiliate programs. Some of these banner ads may use cookies or other methods to track click-thrus. We have no access to any information collected through third party banner ads. 3dplants.com does not use any outside ad companies to display advertising banners on this site.

Product Sales
All online credit card purchases for 3dplants.com products are processed through a secure server by 2checkout.com, a reputable third party merchant service provider. 3dplants.com does not have access to any credit card numbers or credit transaction information, other than the customer's name and contact/shipping information. This information is held in the highest confidentiality by 3dplants.com and is never shared or used in any way other than to process product orders.

Image Gallery
All artwork images and artist contact information contained within the 3dplants.com Gallery is posted with the permission of the artist who submitted the image(s). These images are copyright protected by the artists and will never be reproduced or used for any other purpose by 3dplants.com without permission. If you wish to edit, add, or remove any information pertaining to an image that you have submitted to the 3dplants.com Gallery, submit your request to: plants3d@aol.com.

External Links
This site contains links to other sites. 3dplants.com is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of other Web sites accessed through hyperlinks from this site.

If you have any questions about this privacy statement, the practices of this site, or your dealings with 3dplants.com, you can contact:


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